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selecting which is the best place to buy silver

Posted on the February 27th, 2012 under making money by

buying silver or any precious metals for the first time can be frightening, so, if you’re searching for one of the finest places to buy silver then be sure to read this blog post :-)

simply put.. we are ok with the idea of handing our info to banks for stuff like a current account, a mortgage and even a motor automobile.. and yet the idea of sending your private details and “money” to a “different” sort of company, your details can be challenging.. so, now, let’s have a look at what could make a company a great place to buy silver!

finding the best place is simpler than one thinks, if you just avoid the problems. however, many people are beguiled into buying silver and gold backed by nothing less than a promise; like certificates, pool accounts and exchange traded funds (ETFs). presently, even professional traders are losing their entire trading accounts due to some loophole. if there is anything we have learned since 2008 is that no company or guarantee is forever. so. you must be sure your investments is safe over the long run, explaining why few company ticks all the boxes needed to stay safe.

one of the key things is to guarantee there’s no counter-party risk unlike with an ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), critically ensuring your metal possession does not rely on their capability to access or convert the metal for you when you want to sell it. there are a few corporations where you can own and hold your precious metals in your name.  the company does not have any claim on the metal; as your valuable metals may NOT be recorded on their balance sheets. they’re simply there to protect your silver or even gold, palladium and platinum for you.

the best information means owning the physical stuff; and having it on or near you. and while many strongly advocate owning exact gold and silver bullion, this is not always possible. for one, it’s not that straightforward to travel with your bullion. secondly, storing metals at home is not always safe or convenient.

so, when considering who you might invest with, it’s vital to know who is behind the company. confirm it’s someone you would like to have on your side and be certain to avoid treacherous schemes. make sure the company you plan to invest with have a dependable business systems, they have segregated 3rd party storage and there is an one-to-one proportion of metal in their vault vs currency invested.

is it profitable to sell electronic books online?

Posted on the February 24th, 2012 under video marketing by

Video Marketing

Bigger profit are made possbile through video marketing!!!

there has been a constant stream of electronic book sellers online for for about 15 or 20 years. underlying this trend is the fact that everyone is constantly looking for information in one form or another and will spend money for it if necessary. the internet remains the first resort for a lot of people who are looking for information if they would like to know how to do something or they have a problem they need to solve. keeping this in mind, this article will talk about the idea of earning money online by selling ebooks to an information hungry audience.

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i will repeat for emphasis, that those who need information are quite ready to pay for it. and it follows that if you are the one who has information online that addresses certain problems then those individuals in need are the ones who will purchase it from you. still, creating electronic books from the ground up calls for quite a bit of work. it might take you months to research all the information you will need to put into your electronic book, and if you don’t know how to build a web site, you are going to have to pay someone to do it for you. nevertheless, there are less complicated ways for you to begin generating money from electronic books without having to write the ebook or even put up your own site.

if you order an ebook with resale rights, this means that you can legally re-sell that ebook and keep all the money. they will even offer you a pre-designed web site that you can use to sell the ebook from. the process is made so simple for you that it’s doable to set up five different ebook sales sites every day if you prefer. ebooks you can re-sell are easily found on the web costing more or less USD10 (or approx. between RM30-40), which may also covers the cost of your pre-built site. another option is to subscribe to a members only internet site which allows you to download thousands of ebooks for you to get started selling straightaway. as a guide, the monthly subscription for one of these web sites will be more or less thirty dollars.

for each ebook to sell, you are then going to need a domain name and hosting account for approximately USD10 (again, approx. RM30-40) a month, but be sure you get one which lets you host unlimited domains. you can get a “.info” domain name very cheaply. you then simply upload the web site to your server, make a few changes to the site, add a payment link so you can collect the money and you are all up and running. for each ebook, just repeat the procedure to put as many ebook sales sites online as you want. obviously, you will need a stream of visitors to your web site so promotion is crucial. no visitors means no chance of any sales.. so you have to find a way to advertise your website to draw to buyers’ attention..!! jom! let’s start selling y’all!!

web marketing success — what are you Missing?

Posted on the February 21st, 2012 under internet marketing,self improvement by

achieving long-term and supportable success through internet marketing isn’t for everyone because not everybody is able to push bounds and persist through his or her approach. if there’s something that you should concentrate on as an internet marketing pro, then it has to be the power to exercise perseverance and success, so that you do not give up midway :-) how far you go with your internet enterprise is about how far you are able to stick to your goal, without letting anything or anyone to prevent you from achieving your goal. here’s 1 or 2 ways that you can become better at and improve on your persistency..

it is important to recognize and research your mistakes and then correct them because how else can you expect to find the information and the inducement to persist and keep working harder? you want to profit from your mistakes because repeating them over and over again is making you wanting to quit and that is definitely a bad thing. it’s really simple to give up when you make a specific mistake, but when you analyze it and know where you went wrong, you’ll find that it is easier to connect with your persisting side. you’ll see personally that basic motivation can help correct your mistakes and then move beyond them.. allowing you to stay on the trail that will help you realize your goals!

get information, ask for help and hunt down the help you need when you need it! it’s true – until you are ready to ask for help, you aren’t going to get it and there is not anything up with asking. when you are given the best advice, you will make the best decisions and you’ll be able to avoid from making a mess. this is a very great way to inspire yourself to persist and keep moving towards your ambitions. you don’t really have to seek options for giving up when you know that there is someone that will support you and keep you going.

also, many times we have this jaded perception about how far we are from success, which makes us cower and give up on our goals. nevertheless, remember that internet marketing is one business where you never know when Mother Chance may strike you! the great success that you are so fervently watching out for could be closer than you suspect, explaining why you need to overrule any hunches that you could have about what’s to occur, and rather focus on the present. it’s vital to put both direct and indirect efforts into hiking up your internet marketing success.. regardless of whether you suspect your targets are super far away.

as an internet marketer, you are no doubt continually palming off offers of goods and services that will help you make your life far easier and give you overnight wonderful success with only one click. nonetheless, if you truly want to achieve success, then you’ll be clever enough to ignore all these types of scams. when you suspect this way, you may mechanically ensure that you get ahead of your competitors and being obstinate is going to be easier. if you haven’t done so already, you may want to stop searching for that wizardry product and start putting in some real work. without reference to how many or how huge hurdles you face, keep moving ahead without giving up!! gambate!!! chaiyok!!!!

maximizing your article marketing – get to the first page of Google and stay on it!

Posted on the February 17th, 2012 under article marketing by


if you are making an attempt to use article marketing for SEO, you most likely know the fundamentals of SEO….except for those people completely new to article marketing. here is a simplified way to view it.

article marketing for SEO starts and ends with backlinks!

Google and other search websites will rank the end results that come up in a search based mostly on how tightly related they believe the site is to the search phrase. tons of backlinks to your article or site will make the search engines view you as more well-liked and an authority on the subject, so those with the most backlinks will often win.

now there’s a lot that goes into SEO, and this is a simplified way of looking at it, but when article marketing for SEO, you actually need to target getting tons of backlinks over the passage of time from different places.

most individuals use one or two article submission tools to make this simple. you send your article (often it is changed or “spun”, so you’re not just copying the same version) to a blog network or article catalog submission service. you make sure the article is keyterm targeted and you connect back to your original article. the anchor text (or blue highlighted text) for your link ought to be the keyword you are trying to rank.

here’s where article marketing for SEO stops for most folks.. but what they don’t realize is that they have left themselves at a BIG disadvantage!!

nearly all blog networks and article directories allow for 2 links in the resources box of your article. most people use this 2nd link to send people to their capture page or merely as a general link for their blog. a good idea? NO!! this is a HUGE mistake..

you see.. blog articles don’t rank forever! the longer it’s been since they generated backlinks, the less certain they are to rank on Google! but you can stay on the front page by making one straightforward tweak.

now i can see myself beating some “gurus” (not many though) for blogging for extremely competitive keyterms, and i did this using the power of the second backlink. when you use your second backlink in your article submission for either a capture page or a general website, you are actually wasting it. most of your submitted articles go to sites that are very unlikely to rank on Google, so it’s actually giving you a minimum quantity of traffic to those articles. don’t use them to send people to a random page. instead, use your new articles to get your other articles at a high rank..

i usually use the second backlink to retarget a keyword i’ve already targeted…. so, in example, when i write an article where the readers would also get value from reading the “How to Blog Tutorial”, i put in a link to that article using the keyword as anchor text. The 1st back link goes to the keyword focused in the current article, and the second back link goes to a keyword targeted in an older article (and links to that original article).

This gives me MORE backlinks than the competition (who are sometimes only adding links to each article once). it can also help Google to view my site as the authority as there are backlinks built over time, not just directly after the article comes out.

by using this simple article marketing for SEO technique, i’ve seen my results skyrocketing!!.. i’m ranking more easily and it lets me target keywords that are competitive, which in the end, will lead to more traffic! isn’t that what we always want? — more readers can also mean more $$$ **kaching!! kaching!!**

a website model that makes money

Posted on the February 15th, 2012 under affiliate marketing,internet marketing,making money by

i would like to share with you one simple strategy in creating income with your own website. this is just one method out of simply millions that you could create for yourself. remember.. the Internet provides no limits. this is one example that does work for me, and may give you an insight into exactly a website model, that you may like to put into action for yourself. affiliate marketing and/or sales of any kind on the Internet – requires a real commitment – as i am sure you do already realize.. the Internet, is really one of the greatest training grounds in the world for sales.

you can try and fail many times, until you find that system and approach that will work for you.. BUT.. the commitment that you show in meeting this challenge, will be a lesson that you will always remember :-) success is always achieved in no matter what you do, through simple hard work (did i just said “hard work”??).. there is no easy path to success, but when you achieve the success you are after, there is no greater feeling.. so,.. let us begin! in this example, my website, which for the purposes of this article, i will call.. “making money from affiliate products”. i will give you the exact profit breakdowns below..

with this website, i treat all my affiliate products as purely residual income, much like Adsense. Adsense itself generates for me, on this website, on average around $1 per day.. i also use various other companies affiliate products, which generate around $200 per month. also within the website, i sell e-book informational products, which i own the full resale rights for, which generate around $500 per month.. and here lies the answer to making money online, no matter what you sell!! the products, that generate the most income, are the ones that you will own yourself. certainly i should be making more from the affiliate info products that i sell. but i lose commissions through simple affiliate URL tampering.

commissions that are stolen or lost are a real pain. you can try every method in the book to protect your affiliate codes but after all the hard work is done, you still lose that valuable income. the people who sell the original affiliate product know this, which is mostly why a high percentage of the sales price is offered to an affiliate to begin with, simply because they realize that a very high ratio of sales made on their products will give them the total profit back. the reasons why people change affiliate product codes etc, could run into pages. lets just say it is inevitable. this is the reason why i treat all my affiliate based products as purely residual income.

as you can see in this example, clearly, where the highest return on investment lies.. and that is in the products that you actually own. you can purchase resale rights for info products easily, and it involves not much money at all. most products are available for under $50.. or.. if you have the time and patience to search the Internet, you can find amazing e-books that have free resell rights and the information they contain is really valuable.

you will find these types of treasures occasionally, and the lights will start flashing in your eyes when you do. the information that you have just discovered is of value and that is a real key to success. this is why I, at this point, strongly emphasize the importance of this one principle. only sell products that you feel strongly about and you know that will be of great value to the person who may purchase it. that includes products you have bought the resale rights for, or a free product, you have discovered with resale rights.

if you sell strong products with real informational value consistently,.. you will always succeed. your customers will return, quite simply because they know where the value of the information they seek is the greatest.. and that is at your website. always remember to put yourself into your visitors shoes.. ask yourself the question? “Would you buy the products you are selling?” ..if you answer this question with a “Yes”, you will be really on the start to online success!