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why most affiliate marketers fail @ twitter

Posted on the January 27th, 2012 under affiliate marketing,internet marketing,social media by shazboy

twitter is a unique place for business, and you can absolutely succeed if you know what you are doing. everybody knows about social media, but the thing about twitter is that you will never get far if you violate the basic tenets of social marketing. you will need to understand what twitter is all about, and then you have to work that into your business. every single tweet that you send out has to offer some kind of value to your followers, and you have to be careful enough to not give out a wrong impression to your followers.

the very foundation of doing well at twitter is learning how to communicate the right way in a certain environment. anytime you get somebody new to follow you, that is your chance to make a good impression with a welcoming direct message. yes, you can surely have an autoresponder take care of this, but the downside with them is they are impersonal. so when you approach your new followers with a direct message, mention something that you found on their profile, so as to show them that you actually took out the time to go through it. be willing to do a little more than the rest, and that will get you noticed and remembered. these tips can help you broaden your knowledge on subjects..

the one thing you want to avoid like the plague is creating the feeling in people that you are wasting their time in your tweets. avoid selling in your tweets, and that is inclusive to discussing your product in any kind of detail, etc.. your main aim with twitter is to drive back traffic to your landing page where you pre-sell or sell your affiliate product. of course there is always testing, and that is something you should be doing as much as possible. a huge part of succeeding with twitter is building up the trust factor, and that is one thing that almost all businesses lack there.

successful people often recommend that over 90% of your tweets need to be about something other than marketing or business.

if you look hard enough or have experience in internet marketing, then you will notice that some approaches blend themselves well to non-affiliate marketing areas. many affiliate products do not sell well, that is well known, and so you must be careful about what you decide to promote at twitter. what you can do is take the approach whereby you tap into how people feel about a problem, and then offer helpful content about that. you want to create win-win conditions, and you can do that if you understand the process.

what you have learned about is the basis for pretty much all that you will need to do at twitter for your affiliate marketing. the people who will not be attracted to twitter are those who are looking for instant profits, are impatient and have no longer term goals. the essence of twitter affiliate marketing lies in how you strategically move ahead, without compromising on quality and consistency. just focus on providing solid value to your followers, and that will serve you well.

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