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what?! blogging 101?!

Posted on the April 14th, 2013 under article marketing,blogging by


blogging 101.. well, it is mostly about the blogging vocabulary.. basically for you to understand blogs, you need to know the terms blog, platform, domain, and web host.. *aiya karambaaaa! do i need to?* ehemmm.. anyways, once you have mastered these key elements of blogging, you can enter any conversation about blogging with confidence! after you know what exactly a blog is, you will be on your way to passing the final exam of blogging 101. (i never knew there are exams for blogging :-P)

“blog” is short for weblog, which simply means a series of online posts presented in reverse chronological order.. still don’t get it? how do i say this?.. your latest blogpost will be shown on your homepage whenever a visitor drops by your website.. that’s all! most blogs are text only (can be kinda boring), with some blog having graphics and all.. but there are also photo blogs and video blogs.. these are more interactive and “perhaps” gives a better experience to those who doesn’t like to read :-) the rest of blogging 101 has to do with the technical side of things.. *uh-oh.. that sounds difficult!* well, do not fret..


if you are setting up a blog, you will need a platform like blogger or wordpress, a web host like hostgator or serverfreak, and a domain.. a blogging platform is a computer software program that allows you to write posts and to update your blog.. your platform is also what you use to design the look of your blog, from colour scheme to font size.. the web host is sort of like the virtual file cabinet where your blog is stored.. your computer communicates with the host when you upload or edit a post.. the domain is the online address of your blog (your homepage name), and usually ends in ‘dot com’.. now that you know what a blog is, what a platform is, and what domains and hosts are, congratulate yourself! you have just passed the first phase of blogging 101!

let’s get started now, shall we?

maximizing your article marketing – get to the first page of Google and stay on it!

Posted on the February 17th, 2012 under article marketing by


if you are making an attempt to use article marketing for SEO, you most likely know the fundamentals of SEO….except for those people completely new to article marketing. here is a simplified way to view it.

article marketing for SEO starts and ends with backlinks!

Google and other search websites will rank the end results that come up in a search based mostly on how tightly related they believe the site is to the search phrase. tons of backlinks to your article or site will make the search engines view you as more well-liked and an authority on the subject, so those with the most backlinks will often win.

now there’s a lot that goes into SEO, and this is a simplified way of looking at it, but when article marketing for SEO, you actually need to target getting tons of backlinks over the passage of time from different places.

most individuals use one or two article submission tools to make this simple. you send your article (often it is changed or “spun”, so you’re not just copying the same version) to a blog network or article catalog submission service. you make sure the article is keyterm targeted and you connect back to your original article. the anchor text (or blue highlighted text) for your link ought to be the keyword you are trying to rank.

here’s where article marketing for SEO stops for most folks.. but what they don’t realize is that they have left themselves at a BIG disadvantage!!

nearly all blog networks and article directories allow for 2 links in the resources box of your article. most people use this 2nd link to send people to their capture page or merely as a general link for their blog. a good idea? NO!! this is a HUGE mistake..

you see.. blog articles don’t rank forever! the longer it’s been since they generated backlinks, the less certain they are to rank on Google! but you can stay on the front page by making one straightforward tweak.

now i can see myself beating some “gurus” (not many though) for blogging for extremely competitive keyterms, and i did this using the power of the second backlink. when you use your second backlink in your article submission for either a capture page or a general website, you are actually wasting it. most of your submitted articles go to sites that are very unlikely to rank on Google, so it’s actually giving you a minimum quantity of traffic to those articles. don’t use them to send people to a random page. instead, use your new articles to get your other articles at a high rank..

i usually use the second backlink to retarget a keyword i’ve already targeted…. so, in example, when i write an article where the readers would also get value from reading the “How to Blog Tutorial”, i put in a link to that article using the keyword as anchor text. The 1st back link goes to the keyword focused in the current article, and the second back link goes to a keyword targeted in an older article (and links to that original article).

This gives me MORE backlinks than the competition (who are sometimes only adding links to each article once). it can also help Google to view my site as the authority as there are backlinks built over time, not just directly after the article comes out.

by using this simple article marketing for SEO technique, i’ve seen my results skyrocketing!!.. i’m ranking more easily and it lets me target keywords that are competitive, which in the end, will lead to more traffic! isn’t that what we always want? — more readers can also mean more $$$ **kaching!! kaching!!**