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a guide to motivation for the struggling internet marketer..

Posted on the March 15th, 2012 under affiliate marketing,internet marketing,making money by

when you are trying to build a business on the internet, you have to maintain the basics such as concentrated effort, action, dedication, etc… BUT.. yes, there’s a “but”.. :-) but before you can have any of those particular qualities, you must be motivated to do something and even conjure those feelings and behaviors. there are a hundred different things that can interfere with your motivation, but then in some ways, that is not even really the point. it does not matter if you are not feeling like working.. if that feeling happens a lot of times, then it means you need to intervene in some manner. there is nothing stopping you from being just like the gurus who made it big, and you can have that super-charged levels of motivation if you want to learn how to get it.

in so many ways, we are no different from all those who have passed before and went on to kill it in IM @ Internet Marketing. so many.. so so many of them have recorded their thoughts about what they accomplished either in eBooks or articles or wherever.. you should perhaps take the time to read what they have to say, and it is not difficult to find these people online. do not sit there and feel bad, depressed or in despair – find a way around it, find a solution or something that works for you..

there are big picture strategies that will help you in your business, such as working to never let things drag you so far down you quit – even for a day. your sense of purpose, direction and motivation must be protected at all times, and that is what you will use your mind to do.. ***ommmmm…(meditation mode) ^_^ *** the moment you let this negative thinking or event take control, you will lose motivation and things will start to go bad.. sometimes really badddddddd!! decide that you are going to improve your mental state, and then incorporate these principles and work on refining them.. slowly, but surely, you’ll get there :-)

you will need to be a bit more careful if you are thinking about veering far and wide with novel business strategies.. the idea here is to focus on proven methods that you understand and work well with, so that you generate enough motivation to do something new. it is natural to feel more like doing something when you can do it well, and that is the advantage of using familiar marketing methods.

once you have a goal and plan of action, then it is a lot easier to know what you need to do without floundering around and guessing what to do or when to do it or.. err.. basically not much guessing on a lot of things..  do NOT be afraid that you cannot do these things for your self, and never forget that you are much more powerful than you will ever realize..!!


how to easily be successful with blog commenting..

Posted on the March 12th, 2012 under blogging,internet marketing by

getting targeted visitors to your website or your blog depends on your actual understanding how to get more exposure – both through the search engines and through other means.. now, when we mention the search engines, we’re talking about ranking well within them.. not just by optimizing your own site but through gaining relevant backlinks. yea.. sure, you have all sorts of means for building backlinks but blog commenting is still one of the strongest methods available to you. of course, one of the problems that you are going to face when you take on blog commenting is choosing the right blogs and having your comments approved. so, i’m writing this article to teach you how to get this done and the steps you need to take.

Read Before Commenting!

it is VERY IMPORTANT that you read a big portion of the blog post that you want to comment on before you actually leave your comments. why? because this is to ensure that your comments do not feel like spam and is impressive enough to be guaranteed to get approved. you don’t have to actually study the post inside out to make your comment, but even getting a general overview of it will definitely help. you want the blog’s owner to have a good impression of you and you won’t get it if you don’t know what your comment is really about..

Use Your Real Picture!

when you are serious about blog commenting, it’s important to have your own Gravatar (click here to find out more about Gravatar) .. and it needs to be your own photo and not just a random image or graphic. you do this so that the bloggers who are the most particular about the readers they deal with will find you genuine and be more likely to approve your comments faster. you don’t want to appear like someone mysterious that’s hidden behind a mask. give the blogger a good reason to believe in you and not just think you’re spamming them.. remember, spamming is badddddddddddddd~~~

Use Short Links!

as you link to your website from blog posts, make sure you’re using a short URL and not the longer one with the extended string of numbers and letters. you do this, because, as most blog owners know, it is the spammers who use the long URLs to send traffic to affiliate landing pages.

So, what are you trying to achieve here?

your goal should be to make yourself seem as genuine as you can so that there won’t be any confusion about you. you should make raising the chances of having your comment approved a top priority.. as you work and focus on this one thing, it will really help you get the job done. you can learn a lot when you leave smart comments on other people’s blogs; not only do you learn how to correctly gain targeted exposure, you learn what other bloggers in your niche are doing and what they care about and your comments can act as a form of direct communication between the two of you. so,.. once you start applying these simple blog commenting tips, you’ll realize that many opportunities are waiting to be unraveled if you use this method in a smart way.

your marketing tools can make or break your business..

Posted on the March 8th, 2012 under internet marketing by

no matter how big or small your business is, the first stages of building and running it are crucial and can really be excruciating. you will need to take into consideration too many things to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. among your priorities should be what marketing strategies to use and how you want these techniques to work for you.. and when it comes to what marketing tools you should use, there are various types you can choose from.

the good thing is that there are lots of advertising companies out there that can help you. so you should choose the right one to use to best fit your needs. the first thing you will need to take a look at is what market you are going to target. you have to understand that any marketing strategy will be useless unless the best market is being targeted.

so it is wise to first make an effort to determine who your potential customers are. after that, it will be easier for you to conceptualize how you can approach and convince them that your services or products are what they need. a good advertiser can make it easier to come up with the appropriate marketing materials that will entice your target market.

you can actually choose among a variety of ad materials. you can go for banners, brochures, flyers, pamphlets as well as billboards. it is also important that you know, however, that advertising companies are typically not the best designers you can find. choosing an advertiser to solely take care of your ads may not necessarily give you the best results. what you can do about this is to decide on the design to be used and let the company make adjustments to it, to make it more attractive.

using an online advertising company is a good option, as communication will be easier. they will also offer you great customization options. they can incorporate your ideas to a specific project. in addition, they may adjust the types of materials to use to suit your budget without sacrificing the quality. so, can your marketing tools make or break your business..? you decide! :-)

how is your social media marketing success tied to your brand?

Posted on the March 1st, 2012 under internet marketing,social media by

one common mistake that small business owners tend to make is trying to cater to everyone in social media instead of establishing their own personal brand. we cannot over-emphasize the importance of branding in social media to help you make a lasting impression. this article from Social Media University is one of the most important to read.. and then take action!

Carving Out Your Niche

trying to cater to everyone in business as a social media strategy simply doesn’t work. not only do you stretch yourself too thin, but you also make it difficult for customers to identify what you and your business are really about. furthermore, the more areas you try to cover, the more competition you are dealing with in all of those areas.

a truly successful small business is often the one that establishes its brand within its niche market. in focusing your time and energy around building your identity around a very specific market, you will leave no doubt in your customers’ and prospects’ minds what your area of expertise is.

Better Communication

focusing on your brand not only narrows down the competition and provides clarity about your business, but it also gives you the chance to build up credibility within your niche with great content and communication.

as a small business owner, you have a breadth of knowledge and passion about your business; let the world know it! through blog posts, videos, and social media interactions, demonstrate your depth of experience and knowledge to become an established and credible expert in your chosen business niche.

using the available social media platforms to prospect and engage in conversations with people in your niche market will not only mean you are leveraging your brand to the fullest with those that it matters to most…but your conversion rates will increase!

SEO Benefits, Too!

need more encouragement to hone in on your niche and carve out your personal brand? not only will doing so help you in the ways listed above, but it will also help your search engine optimization, too!

over 18 billion people a month find their way to websites around the web through search engines like Google, and building up where your page ranks on search terms relevant to your small business (known as keywords) is critical to being found on them. using these keywords often on your blogs and other social media interactions will help your website make its way up the search results. you and your business don’t have to be everything to everyone. focus in on your niche with confidence and you’ll be on your way to making your brand the most powerful business tool you own!

the Practical Social Media University strives to help small business entrepreneurs use social media to find new clients and customers. you can use social media to tap into the great web of customers and clients out there, and before you know it, business will be booming! that’s because social media is everywhere, and almost everyone is involved! so… why not give it a try?

here is one example of dozens of testimonials for the University written on Yelp, the world’s largest third party reviews and rating company for businesses:

“The training & help I have received from Steve MacDonald and the Practical Social Media University is priceless. I use to think of myself as being pretty good at Social Media and I actually have trained a ton of consultants using Social Media tools but the things I have learned from Practical Social Media were very eye opening, helpful, practical, mostly FREE, and have grown my business tremendously! I can’t thank Steve MacDonald enough for all the help he has given  me, it has provided more time with my family and less stress financially.”

to see more reviews, video testimonials and social media raves for yourself on the university, please visit the reviews page here.

quote from Steve MacDonald, Founder of the Practical Social Media University – “The most powerful marketing tools available today remain virtual unknowns to the business community. However, the more interesting point is that they also cost next to nothing to implement…as long as you know where to start and what to do. Welcome to social media marketing!”

web marketing success — what are you Missing?

Posted on the February 21st, 2012 under internet marketing,self improvement by

achieving long-term and supportable success through internet marketing isn’t for everyone because not everybody is able to push bounds and persist through his or her approach. if there’s something that you should concentrate on as an internet marketing pro, then it has to be the power to exercise perseverance and success, so that you do not give up midway :-) how far you go with your internet enterprise is about how far you are able to stick to your goal, without letting anything or anyone to prevent you from achieving your goal. here’s 1 or 2 ways that you can become better at and improve on your persistency..

it is important to recognize and research your mistakes and then correct them because how else can you expect to find the information and the inducement to persist and keep working harder? you want to profit from your mistakes because repeating them over and over again is making you wanting to quit and that is definitely a bad thing. it’s really simple to give up when you make a specific mistake, but when you analyze it and know where you went wrong, you’ll find that it is easier to connect with your persisting side. you’ll see personally that basic motivation can help correct your mistakes and then move beyond them.. allowing you to stay on the trail that will help you realize your goals!

get information, ask for help and hunt down the help you need when you need it! it’s true – until you are ready to ask for help, you aren’t going to get it and there is not anything up with asking. when you are given the best advice, you will make the best decisions and you’ll be able to avoid from making a mess. this is a very great way to inspire yourself to persist and keep moving towards your ambitions. you don’t really have to seek options for giving up when you know that there is someone that will support you and keep you going.

also, many times we have this jaded perception about how far we are from success, which makes us cower and give up on our goals. nevertheless, remember that internet marketing is one business where you never know when Mother Chance may strike you! the great success that you are so fervently watching out for could be closer than you suspect, explaining why you need to overrule any hunches that you could have about what’s to occur, and rather focus on the present. it’s vital to put both direct and indirect efforts into hiking up your internet marketing success.. regardless of whether you suspect your targets are super far away.

as an internet marketer, you are no doubt continually palming off offers of goods and services that will help you make your life far easier and give you overnight wonderful success with only one click. nonetheless, if you truly want to achieve success, then you’ll be clever enough to ignore all these types of scams. when you suspect this way, you may mechanically ensure that you get ahead of your competitors and being obstinate is going to be easier. if you haven’t done so already, you may want to stop searching for that wizardry product and start putting in some real work. without reference to how many or how huge hurdles you face, keep moving ahead without giving up!! gambate!!! chaiyok!!!!