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how is your social media marketing success tied to your brand?

Posted on the March 1st, 2012 under internet marketing,social media by shazboy

one common mistake that small business owners tend to make is trying to cater to everyone in social media instead of establishing their own personal brand. we cannot over-emphasize the importance of branding in social media to help you make a lasting impression. this article from Social Media University is one of the most important to read.. and then take action!

Carving Out Your Niche

trying to cater to everyone in business as a social media strategy simply doesn’t work. not only do you stretch yourself too thin, but you also make it difficult for customers to identify what you and your business are really about. furthermore, the more areas you try to cover, the more competition you are dealing with in all of those areas.

a truly successful small business is often the one that establishes its brand within its niche market. in focusing your time and energy around building your identity around a very specific market, you will leave no doubt in your customers’ and prospects’ minds what your area of expertise is.

Better Communication

focusing on your brand not only narrows down the competition and provides clarity about your business, but it also gives you the chance to build up credibility within your niche with great content and communication.

as a small business owner, you have a breadth of knowledge and passion about your business; let the world know it! through blog posts, videos, and social media interactions, demonstrate your depth of experience and knowledge to become an established and credible expert in your chosen business niche.

using the available social media platforms to prospect and engage in conversations with people in your niche market will not only mean you are leveraging your brand to the fullest with those that it matters to most…but your conversion rates will increase!

SEO Benefits, Too!

need more encouragement to hone in on your niche and carve out your personal brand? not only will doing so help you in the ways listed above, but it will also help your search engine optimization, too!

over 18 billion people a month find their way to websites around the web through search engines like Google, and building up where your page ranks on search terms relevant to your small business (known as keywords) is critical to being found on them. using these keywords often on your blogs and other social media interactions will help your website make its way up the search results. you and your business don’t have to be everything to everyone. focus in on your niche with confidence and you’ll be on your way to making your brand the most powerful business tool you own!

the Practical Social Media University strives to help small business entrepreneurs use social media to find new clients and customers. you can use social media to tap into the great web of customers and clients out there, and before you know it, business will be booming! that’s because social media is everywhere, and almost everyone is involved! so… why not give it a try?

here is one example of dozens of testimonials for the University written on Yelp, the world’s largest third party reviews and rating company for businesses:

“The training & help I have received from Steve MacDonald and the Practical Social Media University is priceless. I use to think of myself as being pretty good at Social Media and I actually have trained a ton of consultants using Social Media tools but the things I have learned from Practical Social Media were very eye opening, helpful, practical, mostly FREE, and have grown my business tremendously! I can’t thank Steve MacDonald enough for all the help he has given  me, it has provided more time with my family and less stress financially.”

to see more reviews, video testimonials and social media raves for yourself on the university, please visit the reviews page here.

quote from Steve MacDonald, Founder of the Practical Social Media University – “The most powerful marketing tools available today remain virtual unknowns to the business community. However, the more interesting point is that they also cost next to nothing to implement…as long as you know where to start and what to do. Welcome to social media marketing!”

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