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a year has passed..

Posted on the March 12th, 2013 under personal by shazboy

as the post title says, it’s been a year since i’ve laid eyes on my blog and updated any posts into it.. there wasn’t any specific reason(s) as to why i didn’t update the blog.. it was just because, i got tired.. and being tied up with so many things that i needed to work on, didn’t actually give me time to update it **so much for giving an excuse to myself not to update the blog 😛 ** perhaps boredom struck and took me along the way..

here i am, back in “action”, writing a blog post after a year has passed.. for most people, a lot of incidents and events would happen within a year – and i couldn’t agree more. lots has happened – good, bad, worse – but it’s all parts and parcel of our lives living in this world.. in summary, i would say the year was all that bad. on the other hand, i can’t say that it was all that good either. i suppose everything happened for a reason and it turned out to be balanced at the end of the day :-)

so, what’s happened to my blog? i really had no idea how “well” it became.. i decided to log into my cpanel and checked out the traffic stats, and to my surprise, it was interesting and surprising. i remember starting this blog some time in Sept 2011, and it didn’t have much traffic on a monthly basis.

in the first 2 months starting the blog, i’d say it wasn’t that bad for a newbie.. the hits were quite high **well, at least for me it was**.. entering Nov 2011 onwards, it began to decline.. i simply couldn’t figure it out why this happened.. i didn’t give up so i continued posting blogs as usual, until mid Mar 2012 .. this was when i began to get tired and was overworked and couldn’t continue to .. well .. update my blog :-) (you can check out the date for my last post below).. i stopped blogging but left it to run on its own without any updates whatsoever..

surprisingly, the traffic was.. err.. consistent? for me, it is! i never thought leaving a website to run for a full year untouched could actually generate such traffic!! no wonder all those “blogging gurus” out there said, no matter how wild or crazy or simple or dead blog you have, CONTENT is very important when you blog.. well, you might say my website is just not worthwhile to be looked at and may just seem like any other ordinary blog.. but to me, this website means something to me.. something precious.. it’s the same feeling you have towards something (or someone) that you dearly have feelings for and find it precious.. **noooo, it’s not “My Precioussssss…” like the LOTR movies.. but you know what i mean**

Again, based from the chart, the year 2013 started off pretty slow.. however, the number of unique visitors went up and number of visits/pages/hits were low.. and from my understanding, this is actually good because the blog is able to target readers or a certain niche.. it’s only mid March now and the stats looks pretty good in comparison to a full month of March 2012. i’m not that good in analyzing these stats but with more unique visitors with less hits/pages, means that there is some worth in this blog. but, i may be wrong :-) i’m always free to hear any comments from any of you out there.. i still feel somewhat or something is missing with the blog..

alrighty then.. looks like it’s going to be an adventurous and exhilarating 2013 ride for me 😀 i have lots to do now.. lots of ideas, planning, deployments, initiation, implementation.. well, u know the drill. i have to admit, it does feel good to know that the blog is making its way up. to my fellow blogger friends and readers out there, wait up for me ok? i know it’s not a rat race out there but it’s nice to have someone around to keep you motivated and driving you towards success.. till my next post!!

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